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Ubuntu 配置红外设备 不指定

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如何配置和测试: 转自 (Felix修改了一点点)
如何使用ircp: felix自己写的。

Using IrDA infrared devices (配置硬件)

This document outlines how to get IrDA infrared connections working with Ubuntu 5.04 and the FIR driver. This procedure also works for Ubuntu Breezy development release colony 3. It is unknown if these instructions apply to later versions of Ubuntu.

   1.  Install the irda-utils and setserial packages from the Universe repository
         sudo apt-get install irda-utils setserial
   2.  Ensure that infrared/IrDA is enabled in your BIOS; if not, enable it and reboot. Your computer's BIOS manual should have instructions on enabling infrared.
   3.  Open a Terminal and type:
          sudo gedit /etc/default/irda-utils
   4.  Change the line reading DEVICE="/dev/ttyS1" to DEVICE="irda0"
        Change the line reading SETSERIAL="" to SETSERIAL="/dev/ttyS1"
   5.  open the /etc/modprobe.d/irda-utils file.
        Add the following two lines to the end of the file:
alias irda0 nsc-ircc
options nsc-ircc dongle_id=0x09

   6.  Open the /etc/modules file.
       Add the following line to the end of the file: ircomm-tty
   7. To restart irda, open a Terminal and type:
sudo /etc/init.d/irda-utils stop
sudo /etc/init.d/irda-utils start

   8. To load the FIR IRDA driver, type: sudo modprobe irda0
   9. To load the the ircomm-tty module, type: sudo modprobe ircomm-tty

Testing operation (测试)

if you successfully configed irda, type: ifconfig , you'll see irda0

If you put a mobile phone or something with an IR interface in front of the IR receiver on your laptop, the IR daemon should pick it up. You can confirm this by typing the following in a Terminal:

cat /proc/net/irda/discovery

The following is example output from the previous command:

IrLMP: Discovery log:
nickname: LGE U8xxx, hint: 0x9124, saddr: 0x00bfb934, daddr: 0x000034f6

You can confirm that the link is up by using irdaping:

$ sudo irdaping 0x000034f6

IrDA ping (0x000034f6 on irda0): 32 bytes
32 bytes from 0x000034f6: irda_seq=0 time=110.12 ms.
32 bytes from 0x000034f6: irda_seq=1 time=110.15 ms.

Another useful command to see if things are up and running is irdadump.

Using Operation (使用)

程序1: ircp

type:    sudo apt-get install openobex-apps    to get "ircp"
type:    man ircp    to see how to use ircp

ircp -r   (waiting to receive files)
ircp filename   (send filename)

程序2: irobex_palm3
irobex_palm3 FILENAME   (send filenam)
irobex_palm3         (wait to receive, save at current dir)

程序3: irxfer
irxfer     (wait to receive, save at current dir)

程序4: obexftp
这个程序牛B,自己细看使用方法吧(obexftp --help),下面列出几个
obexftp -i --put FILENAME
obexftp -i -l
obexftp -i --get FILENAME

felix的dopod 586w可以受到ircp和irobex_palm3发送的文件,但是586w发送文件的时候ircp不能接收,irobex_palm3 可以接收


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